New Site, Windows Azure Services

I recently started exploring Windows Azure Services to see what direct benefits I could get from having a virtual server placed somewhere, and I was pretty much amazed at what they've done. For simple sites and/or pre-defined templated services like Wordpress, Blogging, BugNET and so on, it's just a few clicks to get a web site running.

As a result, I moved all my current sites to "the cloud" and could honestly not be happier. The UI for administration is extremely simple and intuitive - and the services they offer are very tasty.

The price for this is also tasty, if you don't mind having as an url, you can have your site set up and running indefinitely for free! Some restrictions apply obviously, but even if you need a bit more bandwidth per month, bigger databases, or want to move to your site to a custom domain, the prices are still very affordable.

So, strongly recommend this for your site! This particular site was set up in roughly 30 seconds from the Azure Gallery.

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